Lakmé Cosmetics Goddess of gold

In Makeup on April 14, 2011 at 2:21 am

Lakmé Cosmetics is one among many brands not available in Europe that I dream to try. Malheureusement! (Unfortunately!). Here is one that I found on Lakmé Cosmetics website: the Goddess of gold. You can find other tutorials from this Summer 2011 Collection available here.


First begin with a foundation to create a canvas for the rest of the makeu-up. Of course, Lakme proposes foundation made especially for Indian skin tones. So I’ll advice to choose a foundation that matches to your skin tone.

Dab on some Golden Dust Shimmer Bronzer all across your face for a glamorous glow that’s staight out of a fairytale. That’s the problem: where to find it? Mac pro stores propose the beautiful Mac iridescent powder golden bronze if you can’t find this precious Lakmé golden dust shimmer Bronze. I haven’t found any brand else proposing this powder, but if you know one, go ahead. For lucky girls who will find Lakme Golden Dust Shimmer Bronzer, go ahead.

Lakme Cosmetics Goddess of Golden


Add depth to your eyes by using the brown shade from the Eye Color quartet as a base

Golden bronze eyes can be all yours. Just sprinkle some Solar Dust shade from the Fairy Dust eye shadow

Bring on the golden look with the Bronze Melt shade from the Fantasy Shimmer Liner

Finish by applying a thick stroke of Midnight Moon shade from the Fantasy shimmer liner


Intensify the gold, with the smooth finish of Enrich Satin Lip Color in shade 132.


Score a perfect ten with intense shimmery nail color. Start with a neat layer of True Nail Color in Shade 252. Then add a second layer to get a fresh shiny look.

My point of view

Is the model not so lovely? I love her makeup. This Lakme Eye Magic in gold and in silver looks amazing. I am not sure if this will be from the Summer 2011 Collection, let’s wait and see (and hope to have one). But, I would like to test the gold color. Hélas!

Lakme cosmetics Eye Magic

Of course, there are a lot of similar colors from other brands so try to to find, swatch, and do the tutorial. Urban Decay proposes a Loose pigment in baked which is a great gold color. A Urban Decay addict friend of mine can’t stop saying she loves this loose pigment. By the way, do not forget to prime your eyes first if you want to avoid crease and other issues. If you don’t find any golden color (you may not have search a lot but, anyway), try the precious Estée Lauder Island Oasis Eyeshadow palette which is made for bronze goddess. But c’est une tout autre histoire and it’s for another tutorial… For the lipstick, I and wondering if the Mac lipstick in Bronze can be an alternative. I have a Chanel version the regretté Hydrasoleil (discontinued!! Just pray that Chanel will launch lipsticks in bronze such as the hydrasoleil n°05. It is a fabulous lipstick) in n°05 which is a perfect bronze color.

Anyway, anyhow, Lakmé Cosmetics if you listen to me, please think of us non Indian girls who would like to wear your products. In the case you hear me, one never knows…

À une prochaine fois…

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