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Crème de la Mer The Eye Concentrate

In Skincare on May 10, 2011 at 11:57 am

A friend of mine gave me a small amount of this Crème de la Mer The Eye Concentrate because I wanted to test it before buying.

Crème de la Mer The Eye Concentrate is an ultraluxe eye treatment that dissolves the appearance of lins and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, according to Crème de la Mer. I do not have any wrinkle or lines, but I daily battle against dark circle because I do not sleep a lot. I know and my family and friends repeat me to sleep at least 8 hours which I don’t. Anyway, I was happy to test it and I definitively love it. It is important to dab a small amount and gently sweep onto the eye area à-la-japonaise — a Japanese friend of mine always asks me to be more gentle, more delicate with my face.

Crème de la Mer The Eye Concentrate

This precious Eye Concentrate is expensive, I can understand. Yet, believe me, it’s so lovely, soft; it’s like a veil of protection on your eye contour. As I daily do makeup, it protects my eyes from exterior agression (in French in the text, that is pollution, stress, makeup, etc.).

It contains algae, sesame oil, yeast, calcium, magnesium, eucalyptus oil, sunflower, caffeine, xylinum black tea ferment, etc. to make your eye contour more beautiful and to moisturize it.