Object of desire: Aurelie Bidermann’s jewels: The Snake Collection

In Fashion, Jewelry on August 5, 2011 at 12:52 am

Nope, this is not real snakes. But I confess to have a crunch for reptiles particularly for crocodiles, but less for snakes. Yet, these snakes are so beautifully design, très chic.

SnakesI saw the bracelet in a French magazine. It may be Jalouse, a fashion magazine very popular in France. I am saving my money to have one the quicker I can. For, yes, these beauties have a price. The Silver “Snake” Ring is the less expensive. It only costs €293. The Gold “Snake” Ring differs to the silver one — its material aside — insofar as it is set with black diamonds, and costs €1415. The last one is my favorite because I deeply love bracelets. This White Gold Double “Snake” Bracelet is set with Black Diamonds. A beautiful design with delicate line, serti de diamants noirs (set with black diamonds in French). But it has a price: it unfortunately (for my wallet) costs €5000. Yes I know it is very expensive. However Aurélie Bidermann‘s materials are delicate, noble, as she says, and très elegant, just sublime. Very versatile, jewelry, for Bidermann, are designed to be easy to pair with all kind of clothes, day as evening.

As Aurélie Bidermann says, each piece tells its story. These jewels are designed to be adopted (as you may do with shoes and bags if you are shoes addicts or bag addicts).

Aurélie, tell me more about you?

Aurélie Bidermann is a French jewelry designer. With a master of art history, Aurélie Bidermann moved to New York. Her career first began at Sotherby’s impressionist department and then at the department of contemporary art. In contact with the greatest work of art and thanks to a unique expertise, Aurélie Bidermann feeds her creative desires. In 1999, she takes up against all odds her studies, hoping one day create her own works.

Aurélie Bidermann returns to her first love and begins to study stones. She achieved a faultless course: Gemology School in Antwerp and specialization in technical drawings to BJO in Paris. Aurélie Bidermann‘s style is nowadays recognizable among all. Imitated but never equaled, the poetic creations of Aurélie Bidermann are a true declaration of peace. A red Line from Jerusalem married a sumptious jet-black elephant from India, aquamarine and shells go together well with a topaz glitter… Love, serenity, and fantasy are the founding of the brand’s philosophy, a real “art of happiness”.

To meet the expectations of demanding clients and of still growing orders from the new stores, the designer renews her sources of inspiration and imagines pieces of exception, much to the delight of an unconditional and international clientele, among others, Kate Moss, Liv Tyler, Sofia Coppola, Gwyneth Paltrow, or Sarah Jessica Parker.

Biography originally appeared on Aurelie Bidermann. Infographic: courtesy Lady Desinvolte

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