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Video of the Day: Vogue France’s Beauty Shooting with Lloyd Simmonds

In Fashion, Makeup on August 22, 2011 at 1:58 am

Lloyd Simmonds, YSL Makeup D.A., is one of these talented makeup artists that sublimate a woman. Here is a video showing the making off a beauty shooting for French Vogue‘s new issue (September issue).
Video courtesy Vogue France


In Praise of Green

In Bags, Makeup, Shoes on August 21, 2011 at 2:00 am

We are now mid way through August and Fall is coming quickly. It is normal to keep up listing fall’s best to buy. It’s announced this fall will be vivid green: malachite, emerald, vert sauge, dark olive… Here is a suggestion in makeup and accessories.

All these beauties are available:


Nars Cosmetics



Jimmy Choo


Foley & Corinna


Infographic & realisation by lady desinvolte

Video of the day: Interview with MUA Tiziana Libardo by Vogue Italia

In Makeup on August 4, 2011 at 12:26 am

The video of the day is the interview of the Italian Make-up artist Tiziana Libardo who works at the Teatro alla Scala, precisely who collaborates with classical dancers. Tiziana Libardo is a très chic woman who loves theatre. And I second her passion for theaters. She usually uses Shiseido and Carita. The video can be watched by clicking here. This video is among a series of interviews lauched by Vogue Italia.

A dancer whose make-up has been made by MUA Tiziana Libardo

Image and video courtesy and originally appeared on Vogue Italia.


Lakmé Cosmetics Goddess of gold

In Makeup on April 14, 2011 at 2:21 am

Lakmé Cosmetics is one among many brands not available in Europe that I dream to try. Malheureusement! (Unfortunately!). Here is one that I found on Lakmé Cosmetics website: the Goddess of gold. You can find other tutorials from this Summer 2011 Collection available here.


First begin with a foundation to create a canvas for the rest of the makeu-up. Of course, Lakme proposes foundation made especially for Indian skin tones. So I’ll advice to choose a foundation that matches to your skin tone.

Dab on some Golden Dust Shimmer Bronzer all across your face for a glamorous glow that’s staight out of a fairytale. That’s the problem: where to find it? Mac pro stores propose the beautiful Mac iridescent powder golden bronze if you can’t find this precious Lakmé golden dust shimmer Bronze. I haven’t found any brand else proposing this powder, but if you know one, go ahead. For lucky girls who will find Lakme Golden Dust Shimmer Bronzer, go ahead.

Lakme Cosmetics Goddess of Golden


Add depth to your eyes by using the brown shade from the Eye Color quartet as a base

Golden bronze eyes can be all yours. Just sprinkle some Solar Dust shade from the Fairy Dust eye shadow

Bring on the golden look with the Bronze Melt shade from the Fantasy Shimmer Liner

Finish by applying a thick stroke of Midnight Moon shade from the Fantasy shimmer liner


Intensify the gold, with the smooth finish of Enrich Satin Lip Color in shade 132.


Score a perfect ten with intense shimmery nail color. Start with a neat layer of True Nail Color in Shade 252. Then add a second layer to get a fresh shiny look.

My point of view

Is the model not so lovely? I love her makeup. This Lakme Eye Magic in gold and in silver looks amazing. I am not sure if this will be from the Summer 2011 Collection, let’s wait and see (and hope to have one). But, I would like to test the gold color. Hélas!

Lakme cosmetics Eye Magic

Of course, there are a lot of similar colors from other brands so try to to find, swatch, and do the tutorial. Urban Decay proposes a Loose pigment in baked which is a great gold color. A Urban Decay addict friend of mine can’t stop saying she loves this loose pigment. By the way, do not forget to prime your eyes first if you want to avoid crease and other issues. If you don’t find any golden color (you may not have search a lot but, anyway), try the precious Estée Lauder Island Oasis Eyeshadow palette which is made for bronze goddess. But c’est une tout autre histoire and it’s for another tutorial… For the lipstick, I and wondering if the Mac lipstick in Bronze can be an alternative. I have a Chanel version the regretté Hydrasoleil (discontinued!! Just pray that Chanel will launch lipsticks in bronze such as the hydrasoleil n°05. It is a fabulous lipstick) in n°05 which is a perfect bronze color.

Anyway, anyhow, Lakmé Cosmetics if you listen to me, please think of us non Indian girls who would like to wear your products. In the case you hear me, one never knows…

À une prochaine fois…

Nars new lipsticks, lipgloss and velvet matte lip pencil for summer coming up soon

In Lipsticks, Makeup on April 12, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Many of you, readers of Christine’s website temptalia, have certainly discovered the preview of NARS Summer 2011 Collection. I will not review it since Christine did a great job, so go and check her website for more information. Two important treasures (I don’t include the duo and trio eyeshadows, blush, shadow pencil or nail lacquers since I need to swatch before): the new lipsticks titled Carthage which is announced to be a Matte, hot pink, Mayflower which is a sheer raspberry with shimmer, the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero and the Lipgloss Wonder.

First: Carthage. While I have already Mac Candy yum yum which is a matte neon pink (very bright), I can’t wait to see, swatch, and buy this Carthage which will be permanent. So it is not urgent — such as, for intance, Mac Candy Yum Yum which is a limited edition — to purchase it when it will be available for purchase, but… I love this slimmy tube.

Carthage looks gorgeous (close to this lipstick you have the Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Queen — a modern citrus gold glitter which is a limited edition — and Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero — a Pink canteloupe which is permanent). Let’s wait, swatch, buy and wear it.

Another one is Mayflower, a sheer raspberry with shimmer which is announced to be permanent, as well. I am not fan of sheer finition because of my pigmented lips but why not. I will try it and see if I can wear it. These two lipsticks will be accompanied with a lipgloss “wonder” which is a shiny, sheer mandarin orange with pink and gold shimmer. As the lipsticks, it is announced to be permanent. If you love lip pencil (I do), you’ll be excited to get the Velvet matte Lip Pencil in Bolero.

All these Nars products will be available soon. According to Nars facebook page, it may be in April. So…

Voilà, à une prochaine fois…

Source: temptalia

All the images originally appeared on temptalia

Pink a must-have for this Spring

In Lipsticks, Makeup on March 23, 2011 at 3:57 am

Pink lips are a must-have for this spring. It will be at least until the autumn. But not all pink, as Vogue Italia confesses. Pink must be ultra-pink, almost fuchsia.

Vogue Italia

Ultra pink suits women with any skin color, hair color.

Vogue Italia

Chanel Coco Shine #54 Boy is announced to be the color of Spring. Boy, named after Gabrielle Chanel’s historic lover Arthur Capel, is a pink refreshed with an apricot hue.

Coco Shine Boy

Romance can be another beautiful color as well.

I’ll use once again some lipsticks I have been loving since 1992 (I was 16 years old): Guerlain Rouge Sublime #123 Framboise (discontinued), Chanel Rouge à lèvres n#41 Précieux (discontinued). These two colors are discontinued, unfortunately but you can find similar colors from Guerlain and Chanel. Guerlain lisptick kisskiss in Rose Impudique for instance:

Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick Rose Impudique

YSL proposes a beautiful lisptick for spring, the Rouge volupté Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15, among others, the #10 Provocative Pink and #29 Opera rose. Or else, one of my favorites the YSL Rouge Pur Fuchsia Pink #19.

YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Provocative Pink #8

… Or a Nars Lipstick Funny Face or Schiap, or MAC lipstick Pink Nouveau, or Girl about town. I will not speak of drugstore lipstick because each country owes its drugstores.

Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick in Funny Face

Mac Lipstick in Pink Nouveau

Mac Pink Nouveau is not a matte lipstick but a satin one. Nevertherless I will wear this lipstick this season.

Spring has just started with bright colors. As for the nails, you can pair with a ultra-pink color…

Joyeux Printemps (Happy Spring)

Credit image: Vogue Teen (Mac Lipstick in Pink Nouveau); Vogue Italia (models)

Source: Vogue Italia

A glowy complexion, silver and grey eyes by James Kaliardos

In Makeup on March 15, 2011 at 3:46 am

James Kaliardos’s makeup for Nicole Miller défilé spring/summer 2011 is inspired by the makeup from the Catherine Deneuve film, “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, that is to say “glowy complexion, silver and grey eye colors and pink, pouty lips”. The result is a luminous cham pale, silvery-golden lid with a grey crease. I pretty like this makeup for spring, it is light, soft and silvery-gold.

Nicole Miller Spring/Summer 2011. Photo Getty Images

As blogger KarlaSugar reports, this spring will be the occasion for us to test new products. This matte mineral bronzer (Give me sun!) for instance, that James Kaliardos used for contouring the face obtaining a pretty golden tan. James Karliados also used the new Sheen Supreme Lipstick in supremely confident. This creamy lipstick is announced to replace the old Slimshines. It is already available in the US (but not yet in Europe). Supremely Confident is a beautiful pale nude which reminds me Nars Madère (while this one is lighter), another lipstick I love. As you can see, no lipglass or lipgelée, just the lipstick.

James Kaliardos Face Chart for Nicole Miller S/S 2011

Eyes: Luna CCB all over the lid (with a large shader brush such as #249 or 252) and blend with a chrome grey into the crease with Dalliance (Mac #224)

Inner corner of eyes are highlighted with Gilded white Pencil (use the NW15/NC20, or NW25/NC30 chromagraphic if you don’t have the gilded white pencil)

Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara outer lashes only

Penultimate eye liner on lash liner (upper only)

—> I suggest to brush your brows.

Lip: supremely confident lipcolor (sunshine) (either with a brush such as a lip brush, for instance Mac #194 or #231, or with finger to get a perfect pale pinky nude effect on lips).

—> Apply prep+Prime with a brush like the #165 (if you are lucky) or # 225 or #224 on lips before in order the lipstick to stay longer. No lip liner.


Face and Body foundation (delicatly applied with beautyBlender Sponge, or slightly with brush. The goal is to obtain the sheerest effect)

Pearl CCB on cheekbones to highlight the face (use for instance a brush such as 138, then #225 or #224 to blend slightly the CCB)

MSF Bronzer (Give me Sun! Mac Bronzing Everyday. available soon) contoured moderately with a tapered brush (Mac #138) then blend to soften with a contour brush (Mac #168 or/and a tapered fluffed brush such as #225 or #224 in some parts of the face)

Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (delicately applied with a powder puff) on the center of the face.

—> I suggest to add some concealer where needed (with Mac #195 then blended with Mac #225 or 224 or other fluffy brushes). If you have the perfect complexion, you are lucky…


P.S.: any brush can be used, of course…

Enjoy Spring/Summer 2011 (Part 1): Charlotte Tilbury’s Technics

In Makeup on March 10, 2011 at 3:46 am

If you were interested in SS#2011 défilé, you may have notice new trends in terms of makeup. I will present many of them. For this first post, I will open the discussion with the lovely Charlotte Tilbury, one of my favourite makeup artists (with Val Garland, Lisa Butler, Lucia Pieroni, Mr Nars, Mr Pécheux, Mr Marais, Romero Jennings to limit to these names). This young british, flame-red hair makeup artist is one of the most talented of her generation. Charlotte Tilbury loves eyeliner (her beautiful khol-lined eyes) and mascara. Maybe her signature.

She can make your look rich, famous, and ready to be photographed as Patrick Eichler, a Mac Cosmetics Senior Artist, said (quoted in New York Times, September 15, 2005).

Charlotte Tilbury’s father is painter and she inherited from her father artistic talents. Aged of 13, she met makeup artist Mary Greenwell. She collaborated with to photographers like Mario Testino, and Met Alas and Marcus Piggott. Her clients are among other Kate Moss, Gisel Bündchen, Christina Ricci.

Let’s analyse two examples of Charlotte Tilbury’s SS#2011 makeup trends.

the first one is for Blumarine

Face Chart

Look the washy-type eyes. Tilbury was inspired by a “luxurious bohemian girl sailing around the med, wearing a habulous leopard print kaftan! Think modern day Talitha Getty.”

For this, she uses mac pencil in teddy (but you can use other eye pencil like Nars eye pencil Mambo) in the lower lashline and smudged with a brush all over the lids up to the socket. Depending on the result you are searching, you can use fluffy brushes like Mac #224, Nars #14, sigma E40, or Paula Dorf Sheer Crease Brush, or mac 219, nars#13, or else Sigma E30 (to quote few brushes, the list is of course non-exhaustive). You must know that the outcome will not be the same if you use a blending brush or a pencil one (I tested it).

Several coats (4 for me) black fibre rich mascara are applied to top and bottom lashes to make the eyes more, how to say, attractive, gypsy-hippy chic.

For the brows, she suggests to work them with pencils such as Mac fling and lingering (for Nars addicts, think of Ipanema, or something else) to get a fuller, seventies brows.

The face, as think, should be buffy. I don’t have any precision on the effect. For the products, she used:

Select cover-up Mixed with Moisturelush Cream that have been applied all over the skin, “for an expensive, buffed finish”, as she said. Use a flat brush such as Mac #191 or a saddle-tapeted Mac#192 (if you have it because it is discontinued).

Then apply Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (choice the color that matches with your skin color). This MSF will set the base.

Contour using MSF in medium dark, Medium Deep and Dark (for Women of color, choose Medium Deep, Dark, and Deep Dark) mixed together

High on cheekbones buff  Gold pigment

Lips are magnified with lust lipglass applied precisely with a brush such as the mac #194 (which was commonly used for concealer) or another brush. On top apply Chai Lipglass to get the peachy caramel shade.

This face chart is one of my favorite. I may create a variation in bronze using other eye pencil such as powersurge, or some other pencils that brands such as Urban Decay offers. For oily lids, I wonder if it would be better to use a base… Try…

Look at these two images if you want an idea of the result:

Charlotte Tilbury

Image Credit: ELLE


The second one I found a much more sophisticated ss#2011 makeup.

Face Chart, Charlotte Tilbury

For the eyes, Charlotte Tilbury used:

Mac Pro Studio Finish Skin Corrector, apparently the shade in caramel and another shade, but unfortunately I don’t have much information. These colors must be mixed then blended to lids with a fluffy blending brush such as mac 224, nars #13, Sigma E40, or Louise Young LY38 (or another but fluffy blending brush). Teddy is one more time used on the outer corners of the eyes that you smudge with a 219 (I also tried the 214, and old Shu Uemura 7.5 BL, unfortunately discontinued. Perfect but a little bit scratchy). The Cream Color Base (CCB) in Luna is dabbed on the inner tear ducts for a spot of light. Then, use powersurge eye Khol along the lower lash line rubbed in with a finger. As you can see, no mascara for this face chart proposal.

Face is worked with Mac Pro Studio Finish Skin Corrector to brighten udner the eyes; Prep + Prime Transparent finishing powder on the T Zone (with I suggest a powder puff), then on the cheeks and temples use CCB in Bamboo, Nude, Bronze and Pearl, all mixed.

On the lips use a mix of CCB in Bamboo, Nude, Hush, Bronze, and Pearl patted in whith the fingers.

I hope you will enjoy these two face charts, next March, 20th (soon).

Voilà! au prochain post (see you next post)…