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Prada in Green. Not Green but the GREEN!!

In Bags on September 28, 2011 at 6:04 pm

So I heard from a Paris-based Balenciaga shop staff member that green will be the color of spring and summer 2012. But not all green, a specific green. Yet he couldn’t describe it. And I was “ah! what do you mean with green, green, green?” He answered “Green!!!! Mais si!!! (Yes!!!) You know that sort of green much beautiful than, oh how to describe it. Well you will see with the next season!”. It was in August!! And I did not understand what he was talking about. Now I understand. Now I have a clue: this green is so beautiful, so gorgeous, so Oh My! And see how it perfectly matches with gold. A bag by Prada for next season Spring/Summer 2012 that will go with printed clothes (or with every kind of clothes). Of course, it is already in my wish-list. Ah Prada quand tu tiens mon compte en banque (ah Prada you will kill my credit card)!!!.


All Prada bags can be bought online.

Image originally apparently: Self Service Magazine Blog

Photo credit: Morgan O’Donovan


Prada FW 2011 Campaign

In Bags on August 3, 2011 at 1:06 am

I just watched Prada FW 2011 Compaign. Although a bag addict, I am not a specialist on bags like excellent miu miu addict or also excellent ladies from Purse Curse and Purse blog. However, I have a strong interest in this python leather clutch (very flat as it is). I’ve already seen it on sale in Paris Printemps Haussman. My lovely Prada hobo, I bought years ago (4 years ago), and I went there to check out Prada new collection and I was happily astonished to see these beautiful clutches, and among them, this madras large clutch in red burgundy cocoa brown, or light tan caramel dark, or black cocoa brown, all available on sale for €745 at Prada and of course in local stores. Yet, I’ve heard of a blue version that may be available soon…

And now the link to see the video (if you want to check out the website) and of course this clutch will be honored in a next object of the day. Just click here.

Last but not least, what to think of these Prada faux fur tote and other bags? Amazing isn’t it? It is curiously called Prada Eco faux Mongolia fur Tote on The Bag Forum. Interesting…

Fall-Winter 2011

It is available on sale at Prada for €745. Check out your local Prada for more information on the price.

Image of Faux Fur Tote originally appeared on The Bag Forum

Object of the day: Balenciaga Braided Leather Oversized Clutch

In Bags on August 3, 2011 at 12:26 am

I am currently on and off due to the fact that I am overbusy preparing to move to Tokyo on September. This blog will be officially launched when being in Tokyo and will tell my daily life in Tokyo as a foreigner. This is not my first trip to Japan, but I’ve never tried to live there. So let’s try. Anyhow, for this new post, let me present what I consider as one of the it bag of this fall/winter: Balenciaga oversized clutch. What is it? A beautiful woven leather oversized clutch with a detailed chain strap. I haven’t seen this bag in real because Balenciaga has not launched officially its new collection on sale yet, here in Paris. Yet…

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2011-12

Unfortunately, a Balenciaga-France seller (working at Le Printemps Haussmann) told me that this model might not be available. At least in France… I am praying the contrary…


Infographic courtesy © Lady Desinvolte; image © Balenciaga