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Hats that make your look chic!

In Accessories, Hats on October 16, 2011 at 12:54 pm

If not different!! I can’t stop saying the importance of bringing last touches to a style and accessories on common outfit! Specially in autumn with the return of ‘sad’ colors (black, grey, beige, etc.). Well I confess to fall in love with bold colors.

Hat for this season is the accessory-to-have in your dressing. And if not yet: a shame! You’re late. Run and get one! Garance Doré was shot, during last Paris Fashion Show (Spring/Summer 2012) wearing a Gucci wide brimmed hat with double G metal ornament in orange.

Japanese girls and boys, known to be married with fashion (ahahah), have their hats in their dressing, and believe me they can’t live without their hat… But no-one wears a floppy calf hat in Tokyo, except me (well but I am not Japanese, so…).

Here are some suggestions:


Whatever you wear: short, pants, dress, or nothing, the hat makes you feel elegant. See how Stylist Catherine Baba is elegant as usual. She successes by combining a hat with a pair of sunglasses as anybody else and I admire her for her style and her “j’adore” (in French) that she adds in each sentence in English. My favorite? Well I love the Gucci wide brimmed hat with double G metal ornament hat in teal felt with green grosgrain trim and teal feathers. You may have it in various colors: orange, black, antique rose, cherry, and grape. And the Lanvin one a beautiful floppy calf hat. The H&M one in wood available in black, burgundy and beige. What to think of the Emilio Pucci, original as chic? So I don’t have any favorite hat, as you may see. Mais mieux vaut en avoir beaucoup donc (French for: better having a lot of hats so…)